Miracles of Jesus


Healing Miracles            Matthew Mark Luke John

Man with leprosy               8:2-4 1:40-42 5:12-13

Roman centurion’s servant  8:5-13 7:1-10

Peter’s Mother-in-law         8:14-15 1:30-31 4:38-35

The man from Gadara         8:28-34 5:1-15 8:27-35

Paralyzed man                    9:2-7 2:3-12 5:18-25

Woman with bleeding         9:20-22 5:25-29 43-48

Two blind men                   9:27-31

Mute, demon-possessed man 9:32-33

Man with shriveled hand 12:10-13 3:1-5 6:6-10

Blind-mute-demon-possessed man 12:22 11:14

Canaanite woman’s daughter 15:21-28 7:24-30

Boy with a demon 17:14-18 9:17-29 9:38-43

Two blind men (Bartimaeus) 20:29-34 10:46-52 18:35-43

Deaf mute 7:31-37

Possessed man in synagogue 1:23-26 4:33-35

Blind man at Bethsaida         8:22-26

Crippled woman                 13:11-13

Man with dropsy                 14:1-4

Ten men with leprosy         17:11-19

The high priest’s servant     22:50-51

Official’s son at Capernaum   4:46-54

Sick man at pool of Bethesda 5:1-9

Man born blind                      9:1-7

Raising the Dead               Matthew Mark Luke John

1. Jairus’s daughter             9:18-19 5:22-24 8:41-42

2. Widow’s son at Nain         7:11-15

3. Lazarus                          11:1-44


Power Over Nature 

                                Matthew Mark Luke John

1. Calming the storm     8:23-27 4:37-41 8:22-25

2. Walking on water     14:25 6:48-51 6:19-21

3. Feeding of the 5,000 14:15-21 6:35-44 9:12-17 6:6-13

4. Feeding of the 4,000 15:32-38 8:1-9

5. Coin in fish               17:24-27

6. Fig tree withered     21:18-22 11:12-14 11:20-25

7. Large catch of fish     5:4-11

8. Water turned into wind 2:1-11

9. Another large catch of fish 21:1-11

Skits (Plays) Based on the Miracles of Jesus

Questions/Thoughts on Skits

  1. Adult staff perform the skits.
  2. Same Narrator/Interviewer each week?
  3. Same Jesus each week? Needs a robe or some clothing to put on when the actor comes into character.
  4. Poster to display the scripture verses?
  5. Narrator tells the story or reads the Word.
  6. Actors speak the Word.
  7. The actor needing the miracle is in character from the beginning of Operation Explosion. He/she is blind/deaf, etc. until the miracle, then a dramatic change occurs.
  8. Perhaps the narrator can "interview" the person needing the miracle. Perhaps before praise & worship or before 10 commandments.
  9. When should the skit occur? After 10 commandments and before gifts?
  10. Posters needed: A. Who do you say I am? and B.  Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever!


Skit Number 1

Who do you say I am? Matthew 16:15

Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

The Man With Leprosy


Narrator: In Bible times leprosy was the worst disease you could catch. People were afraid of it like people are afraid of AIDES today. People with leprosy:

  1. lost fingers, ears, nose, skin turned white and bled
  2. were declared "Unclean" and put outside the camp or city.
  3. Kept away from people because leprosy was very contagious. Wives, children, friends could not be around leper and certainly could not touch them.
  4. Had to yell "Unclean!" when they came near another person to warn them of their presence.


The Leper’s Story:

He was a farmer

He was married and had a five year old daughter

7 years ago he began to lose feeling in his right hand

Within a few weeks he lost all feeling in the hand and began to bleed

The priest declared him "Unclean" and he had to move away from his family to a leper colony outside of the city.

He has not touched his wife or talked with his daughter for 7 years.

He has lost the tips of his fingers and parts of his ears.

He has heard about Jesus, who says He is the Son of God!


Skit Dialogue:

Leper: "If You are willing, You are able to make me clean!"

Jesus: Jesus touches the Leper. "I am willing. Be made clean!"

The Leper is healed and very excited! Jumping up and down and praising God.

Jesus: "See that you tell nothing of this to anyone. But go away, show yourself to the priest, and offer for your purification what Moses commanded as proof that you are really healed."

The Leper goes throughout all of the children spreading the news that Jesus heals!

Narrator: Jesus touched the Leper when no one else would touch him. Jesus spoke and the Leper was healed.

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He heals today just like he healed the leper. He has given believers authority to use His Name for healing. Does anyone here need healing? Come down and we will touch you, like Jesus touched the leper, and pray for your healing.


Who do you say I am? Matthew 16:15

Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

The Roman Centurion’s Servant



Props: Centurion’s helmet, breastplate?

Jesus’ robe, Jewish elder’s robe, friend’s robe


Narrator: A centurion was an officer in the Roman army. He had 100 men under his command. This centurion loved God and was a friend to the Jewish people. The centurion had a servant that he loved very much. The servant became very sick and was about to die but the centurion heard about Jesus, God’s Son, the Healer. He called on his Jewish friend to go to Jesus to ask him to come to his house to heal his servant.


Jewish Friend to Jesus: "Please come with me to the centurion’s house to heal his servant. The centurion is a righteous man. He loves our nation and even paid to build our church."

Narrator: Jesus went with the Jewish friend, but when He was not far from the house the centurion sent another friend to Jesus.

Centurion’s Friend: "The centurion sent me to say ‘LORD, do not trouble yourself, for I am unworthy to have you come under my roof. I am also unworthy to come to you. Just speak a Word and my servant will be healed. For I am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I say to one ‘go’ and he goes; I say to another ‘come’ and he comes; and to my servant ‘do this’ and he does it."

Jesus says: " I tell you, not even in all of Israel have I found such great faith as this"

Narrator: And Jesus spoke words of healing and the servant was healed. When the messenger returned to the house the servant who had been ill was quite well again. If you believe in Jesus, He can heal you even though you do not see Him. Just speak His Word and He will heal.

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He heals today just like he healed the leper. He has given believers authority to use His Name for healing. Does anyone here need healing? Come down and we will touch you, like Jesus touched the leper, and pray for your healing.


Who do you say I am? Matthew 16:15

Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Jairus’s Daughter, Woman With Issue of Blood

Narrator: Today we are going to learn more about Jesus. The more you know about Jesus, the better you can answer His question "Who do you say I am?" Today, Jesus will meet a father whose daughter is very, very sick. If you were very, very sick your mother or father would be very concerned for you, wouldn’t they? Also today, Jesus will meet a woman that has been very ill for fifteen years. She has spent all of her money on doctors, who have been unable to help her. Today, people that bleed without stopping hemophiliacs. Do you know someone that is a hemophiliac? In Bible days, a person that was bleeding was declared "unclean" and people would not associate with them. They lead very lonely lives. Both the worried father and the woman with the issue of bleeding have heard of Jesus and are looking for Him. The father, whose name was Jairus, wants Jesus to come to his house to touch his daughter and heal her. The woman wants to touch Jesus’ clothes, believing that touch will make hew whole.

Jairus: "My little daughter is sick in bed and about to die. Please come and lay your hands on her, that she may be healed and she shall live.

Narrator: Jesus follows the father. A large crowd of people go along with them. Along the way the woman with the issue of bleeding finds Jesus. She slips through the crowd and touches Jesus clothes. Her bleeding stops and she is totally well. Jesus feels virtue flowing from him to someone.

Jesus (turning around): "Who touched my clothes?"

Jesus’ friends: "You see the big crowd, why do you say ‘Who touched me?’"

Narrator: The woman comes to Jesus and falls down at His feet. She tells Him that it was her that touched Him and how she had been healed.

Jesus: "Daughter, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace and be whole"

Narrator: All this time the father, Jairus, had been waiting patiently. Suddenly, one of his servants runs up and tells him that his daughter has died.

Servant: "Your daughter is dead. Now there is no need to bother Jesus"

Jesus: "Be not afraid. Only believe"

Narrator: Jesus tells the crowd to go home. Only Jairus, Peter, James, and John are to go to Jairus house with him. When they arrive another large crowd of people are there and they are crying and wailing because they are sad that the girl is dead.

Jesus: "Why is everyone crying? The girl is not dead, but is only asleep"

Narrator: When Jesus said she was not dead, the crowd laughed at Him and mocked Him. Jesus would not let any of the crowd go into the house, only Jairus, his wife, and Peter, James, and John. Upon entering the house, Jesus found the girl lying on her bed. He took her by the hand and said:

Jesus: "Young girl, I say to you ‘Arise!’"

Narrator: Immediately, the young 12 year old girl got up and walked. Everyone was astonished!

Jesus: "Give her something to eat!"

Narrator: That is the end of our play. From this play you should have learned more about Jesus so that you can answer His question, "Who do you say I am?". Jesus is God. When you touch Jesus or when Jesus touches you, you are never the same again! The Bible says in Hebrews 13: 8, Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. This means that Jesus heals today just like He healed Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the issue of bleeding. If any of you are sick or hurting please come down to the front and we will hug you and pray with you for Jesus to heal you.

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